Larkshill Comunity Primary School, Salford

"Having observed and taken part in Claire’s yoga sessions, it has to be said that this is not just yoga. Claire creates a joyful, calm atmosphere with her confident sessions that allow the children to feel empowered and focused. There is a richness to Claire’s sessions that is so much more than any class I have ever been part of. Claire has a fresh, dynamic and inspiring approach, which allows all participants to not just feel better physically, but mentally and emotionally. Claire offers a bespoke yoga session. If you wish to feel much more positive, mindful and uplifted, then you must try these sessions. With Claire, the children and I are on a journey and it’s a journey I am glad we have taken and will continue to take."

Elaine McBlain-Inclusion Manager

Stockton Heath Primary School, Warrington

"I have observed Claire Rice in action on several occasions. Her sessions are always well organised, creative and enjoyable with lots of different engaging and inspiring activities. She creates a calm and welcoming environment. The children look forward to working with her and she has inspired me with lots of ideas to use in my own classroom. I look forward to working with Claire again in the future and I would highly recommend her to other schools."

Charlotte Topping-Classroom Teacher

St Edwards C of E, Rochdale

"Year 4 absolutely loved the well-being workshop delivered by Claire from Heart Space 4 Kids. The whole lesson was well planned and taught to just the right level for the children. The children were relaxed and calm throughout. She was friendly, compassionate and so knowledgable. The session was adapted to the children’s prior learning and there was a variety of activities to engage and empower the pupils. All the children’s feedback afterwards was so positive. A fabulous hour of yoga, music and meditation. We are looking forward to working with Claire in the summer term as part of our week to promote well-being." Mrs P Mann-Headteacher

Eileen Burns, Owner of Stress Coach Training

"I cannot recommend Claire Rice Heart Space highly enough! Claire has been working alongside myself in my business and training school for approximately 8 months. She is a dedicated and professional teacher and inspirer. Her passion for children’s empowerment and mental and emotional wellbeing is contagious. The extra WOW is the creative flair at adding, magic to all her creative projects, especially with children. Any school or parent who hires Claire will want to hire her over and over again." Eileen Burns-Stress Management Expert - Glasgow, Scotland